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Disclaimer:  White Oak Alpacas is a drop site for alpaca grain produced by Puget Sound Veterinary Nutrition Group. While we use this grain for our alpacas, we are not affiliated with PSVG or PSVNG and make no claim or warranty of their product's use, quality or suitability for your needs.



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During Standard Hours you may come to pick up alpaca grain produced by Puget Sound Veterinary Nutrition Group without first calling, as there will usually be someone at the barn. Entry is at the single, lower (2nd or western) gate. If no one comes to the gate, please check at the house or toot your horn before entering the barn fence. Our guardian Lolli may not know you.

All grain is delivered on account by signing the running inventory sheet. Your product is ordered from PSVNG and shipped to us for your pickup. For a first time pickup you will need to provide the billing information and the resale certificate (see forms below).

PSVNG no longer supplies excess inventory for as needed pickup from this drop site. So your needs must be related directly to PSVNG so they may include them in their next delivery.


Hours of Availability


Hours are 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Open Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, (Sunday by appointment only)

Special Closings: June 15-23rch 18-20

Closed Federal Holidays (See list) except the "Birthdays".

Inventory and Price

50# bags in stock as of 1/16/2013

Maintenance $20.25 Lactation & Cria $23.45  Medicated $22.15
0 0 0
Special Order Special Order Special Order

For information or forms click on the below PDF links:



Puget Sound Veterinary Group, 17302 Britt Rd, Mount Vernon, WA 98273, 360-416-6944, 866-572-0330 - fax, psvg@comcast.net