White Oak Alpacas

Mews Grand Suite


The "Mews" is a bit of muse where relaxation and reflection abound with the fun that accompanies a cat's mew, our ever present favorite furry companions.

Muse is a guiding spirit or a source of inspiration, a poet.

To muse is to be absorbed in one's thoughts; engaged in meditation.

Besides the gratuitous reference to a cat meow, the Mews is a secret place; a hideaway.




Please note:  There is some minor finish woodwork still in progress. Also, house cats live with us. Those with feline allergy should be aware. No refund if you experience a reaction.

The Mews Grand Suite is unique experience!

In the Grand Suite you are about to experience more to do than time often allows:

  • Relax and enjoy some quiet reflection or a long anticipated book

  • Play your favorite game of pool on a classic Victorian table in The Mews Pub

  • Enjoy quality music from variety of digital sources.

  • Watch satellite HDTV, DVD or Laser Disk movies from the pub or the bed room

  • Break out cards or traditional table games while sampling a garden view

  • Sleep on a sleep number queen bed from Select Comfort with adjustment to suit individual comfort and down pillows

  • A full private bath with an old time flair

  • Wireless or wired broadband internet through out

  • Dream by the pond and view the fish or gardens

  • Warm by the outdoor fire pit in the garden (seasonal)

  • Non-smoking suite

Enjoy with limited reservations. Email Karin for availability.


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Select Comfort Queen Bed

Adjust your personal comfort from firm to soft with remote for each side.