White Oak Alpacas

The Mews


White Oak Alpacas
offers a unique

   Did you ever dream about what a country life style might be like? Come and hear songbirds or frogs. Maybe just listen to the quiet and watch for a shooting star.

   Would you like to experience the day to day activities on a ranch or participate in the raising of alpacas? See and touch alpacas. Pitch in if you want. Or then, maybe just admire a 300 year young Oregon white oak and cool off in it's shade with a stalk of grass for a bookmark.

   Would it be nice just to enjoy some slow paced time off in luxurious surroundings without the crowds? Only five miles up river (the Lewis) and twenty-one miles north of Portland, Oregon you are assured an easy escape from civilization with territorial view of Mt. St. Helens. Only two guest rooms assures no crowd. In the Grand Suite all the amenities are yours alone.

   If any of these things interest you, visit us and enjoy modern comfort and fun expressed with a Victorian flair offered in the very private Mews Grand Suite. Or unwind in a quiet comfy room with pleasant garden views in
The Aerie. Each have a full private bath.

   Gardens surround the house with three outdoor seating areas (deck, patio, porch) to enjoy the garden in it's best light or any season.

   While we keep a clean house, Maui, pictured at left, lives full time indoors with us. If you have cat allergies, you could be affected.

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